How fast does a Swegway go. Can it really be compared to a motorcycle?

How Fast Does A swegway Go | Smart balance wheel

The swegway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen. They were unveiled in 2001 and went into production in early 2002.How Fast Does A swegway Go? - swegway are driven by electric motors at up to 12.5 miles per hour. Amazon,  Urban Scooters,  gryoscope ,  i167 ,  wholesale ,  rental ,  city ,  racing ,  models,  ibot ,  pt ,  i2 ,  i180 ,  spelling ,  pt



Can they be truly compared with a full fledge motorcycle?

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How powerful are they?
The maximum power is 2 horsepower or 1.5 kW per motor.

How does the swegway work?
Sensors are used to detect tilting of the device which indicates a departure from perfect balance. Motors then drive the wheels as needed. A lithium-ion battery powers the motors.

How far can a swegway go on a charge?
They can go up to 25 miles on their fully charged lithium ion battery. The range will depend on the  terrain, riding style, and the condition of the batteries.

How long does it take to charge the batteries?
As a general statement, it takes up to 10 hours to complete a full recharging cycle. For each 15 minutes of time recharging, the batteries regain a mile of charge. The batteries also recharge when riding downhill while stopping. The other cool thing is you can charge the swegway by pushing it while its turned off.

What are some different swegway models?

swegway i167 - One of the first two swegway HTs released.

swegway i170 - Same as the i167 except in a different color.

swegway i180 - Available with Sport Red, Solar Yellow, and Midnight Blue colored fenders.

swegway e167 - Comes standard with the an electronic kickstand, allowing it to stay balanced without a rider. The e167 also came standard with the upper and lower cargo structures.

swegway p133 - This one has a smaller platform, smaller wheels, and a less powerful motor than the i and e Series. Top speed is 10 mph.

swegway XT - Thsi was designed specifically for recreation.

swegway i2 - This model uses the new LeanSteer and InfoKey technologies. It weighs 105 lbs.

swegway x2 - The new XT model has special software for off-road use and it can be equipped with a golf bag carrier. Turf tires are available on this model.

swegway GM puma - A prototype two-seat electric vehicle being developed with General Motors.


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Can they replace traditional motorcycles?