How fast does a Swegway go. Can it really be compared to a motorcycle?

How Fast Does A swegway Go | Smart balance wheel

The swegway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen. They were unveiled in 2001 and went into production in early 2002.How Fast Does A swegway Go? - swegway are driven by electric motors at up to 12.5 miles per hour. Amazon,  Urban Scooters,  gryoscope ,  i167 ,  wholesale ,  rental ,  city ,  racing ,  models,  ibot ,  pt ,  i2 ,  i180 ,  spelling ,  pt



Can they be truly compared with a full fledge motorcycle?

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How powerful are they?
The maximum power is 2 horsepower or 1.5 kW per motor.

How does the swegway work?
Sensors are used to detect tilting of the device which indicates a departure from perfect balance. Motors then drive the wheels as needed. A lithium-ion battery powers the motors.

How far can a swegway go on a charge?
They can go up to 25 miles on their fully charged lithium ion battery. The range will depend on the  terrain, riding style, and the condition of the batteries.

How long does it take to charge the batteries?
As a general statement, it takes up to 10 hours to complete a full recharging cycle. For each 15 minutes of time recharging, the batteries regain a mile of charge. The batteries also recharge when riding downhill while stopping. The other cool thing is you can charge the swegway by pushing it while its turned off.

What are some different swegway models?

swegway i167 - One of the first two swegway HTs released.

swegway i170 - Same as the i167 except in a different color.

swegway i180 - Available with Sport Red, Solar Yellow, and Midnight Blue colored fenders.

swegway e167 - Comes standard with the an electronic kickstand, allowing it to stay balanced without a rider. The e167 also came standard with the upper and lower cargo structures.

swegway p133 - This one has a smaller platform, smaller wheels, and a less powerful motor than the i and e Series. Top speed is 10 mph.

swegway XT - Thsi was designed specifically for recreation.

swegway i2 - This model uses the new LeanSteer and InfoKey technologies. It weighs 105 lbs.

swegway x2 - The new XT model has special software for off-road use and it can be equipped with a golf bag carrier. Turf tires are available on this model.

swegway GM puma - A prototype two-seat electric vehicle being developed with General Motors.


By judging those specifications the following question rise.

Can they replace traditional motorcycles?



Unboxing and Reviewing the latest Razor E300s

Electric scooters are a popular toy amongst teens and preteens, but some models are capable of much more than a gentle ride for the kids. Models with a removable seat often feature increased power and speed, creating a more utilitarian purpose than their low-powered cousins. These models can get you across a large campus in the blink of an eye, and the cost of operation is amazingly low. Many manufacturers and models are available to suit the needs of nearly any potential rider.


Increased power corresponds directly with increased rider capacity. Whereas many electric scooters offer a relatively low capacity suited for use by children, these scooters are largely targeted at a more experienced demographic.


The removable seat is just one addition that is common among many of these scooters. A more complex frame is often used to allow for flexibility. This means speed bumps or small jumps can be conquered more safely and comfortably. Larger tires also increase the smoothness of the ride, simultaneously serving to improve stability at high speeds.


If you are a college student or professional who needs a practical, low-cost mode of transportation around a campus throughout the day, an electric scooter with a seat could be a great choice. Allowing for cheap and easy travel around a relatively large area, electric scooters can be more efficient than cars and less physically demanding than riding a bicycle or walking.


The following are five of the best electric scooters with a seat currently available.

#1. Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

The Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter is a higher capacity choice, allowing for riders of up to 220 pounds (100 kg) to reach speeds as high as 15 miles per hour (24 kph). Available in a variety of exciting colors, this scooter will be a hit with most riders. Two extra-wide 10 inch pneumonic tires increase stability and allow for a smooth ride around the neighborhood or park. The E300S can cruise for 45 minutes on a single charge, and recharging is a relatively quick 8 hours, meaning more time riding around town. Twist-grip acceleration and the hand operated rear brake allow for precision control, as is common among scooters in this category.


The Razor E300S features higher speed and capacity, but is still a decent choice for beginner riders thanks to the simple, reliable controls. This is a quality scooter that anyone in the family can enjoy, and it is a great option to consider when shopping for an electric scooter with a seat.

#2. Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter

The Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter features a classic design which will be familiar to customers of the Razor brand. Available in both green and teal, this scooter will look great cruising through the neighborhood. The addition of the removable seat gives added comfort for riders of all ages. The high-torque motor features a quiet chain-driven design to power the scooter to speeds as high as 12 miles per hour (19 kph). The hand operated rear brake is coupled with a twist-grip accelerator to provide ease of use and precise control to the rider. Large 8 inch tires increase stability and smoothness at speed, while a spring loaded kickstand is included to keep the scooter upright when the rider is away.


The E200S is a great choice for a younger rider. While featuring noticeably less power than some of the other options in its category, this scooter will allow kids and teens to ride comfortably without dealing with too much speed for a beginner.

Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter       


The Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter features an advanced earth magnet motor to provide 450 watts of power. Riders as large as 180 pounds (81.5 kg) can cruise at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour (24 kph) for up to 8 miles (13 km), depending upon terrain. The E450 has a nonslip resin deck complete with exciting graphics and branding, which is sure to catch the attention of admirers while on the streets. This scooter is available in both red and green, each complete with extreme decals in accenting colors. Traditional twist-grip acceleration is paired with hand controlled front pull brakes to put control in the hands of the rider at all times. Ten inch low profile street slick tires are designed for smooth and comfortable driving, especially in urban settings.


If you are looking for a slightly less powerful option for your teenager to cruise the neighborhood, the eZip E450 by Currie Technologies is a great option to consider.

Rating: star star star star

The Super Turbo 800 Watt Electric Scooteris an extremely powerful and durable option that can carry a rider of up to 300 pounds (136 kg) at speeds as high as 25 miles per hour (40 kph). Multiple selectable modes allow for increased distance on a charge or increased maximum speed. By using the scooter's Econo mode, the rider can go up to 18 miles (29 km) on a single charge, making it one of the best available scooters in its class in both maximum speed and maximum distance. Dual rear shocks and a solid steel frame combine to make a comfortable ride on most terrains, and extra wide tires will increase traction. Twist throttle acceleration and hand controlled braking will give the rider precise control while on the move. This is one of the few scooters in its class that features both an LED headlight and a brake light for safe driving, even at night.


If you are searching for a serious option for transportation that combines speed, longevity and comfort, this scooter is a good place to start your search.

Rating: star star star


The X-Treme Scooters X-600 High Performance Electric Scooter offers some of the highest power available in this category. At speeds up to 23 miles per hour (37 kph), riders can cruise for up to 10 miles (16 km) on a single charge. The removable seat is paired with a high tensile steel frame with steel shocks, which allows for jumping or traversing a bumpy path comfortably. Aluminum wheels with oversized 10 inch tires gives increased traction and control, and front vented disc brakes and rear drum brakes give the rider precise control at any speed through the use of the sensitive hand control. Traditional twist-grip acceleration should allow riders to transfer comfortably to this scooter.


The X-600 is available in both black and blue, allowing riders to suit their personal preference. The combination of reflective metal, action-themed decals and paint creates an extremely visually appealing scooter. If you are searching for a powerful scoter to cover ground on a daily basis, this scooter is definitely one to consider.

Rating: star star star

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